why Our Space
should be your space…

by design, our spaces nurture the mind, body & soul

a global community of members, endless opportunities


we humans function better when connected to nature

We think with greater clarity, we feel more positive, energetic and optimistic, we become more capable of dealing with whatever lies ahead. 

Our Space is the first coworking community to connect humans with nature. a uniquely natural workspace designed to bring out the best in us. 

A workspace designed to connect you to your true potential.

Our Space connects 3 carefully selected elements; 

  1. human
  2. habitat
  3. technology

These 3 pillars have been carefully interwoven by some clever thinking and innovative science to create a coworking environment capable of rejuvenating you, your work life, and your aspirations.

Science, Human, Habitat, Technology - Our Space

we brought the outside inside

Because nature has a way of bringing out the best in you; increased productivity, feelings of well-being, reduced stress and anxiety. we also heal faster (it’s why plants are ever present in hospital rooms).

We adopted this kind of thinking into the workplace, to help you focus on being the best that you can be, at what it is you do best.

Our spaces have been designed to inspire you, rejuvenate your senses, optimise your aspirations, encourage collaboration, and positive collision.

boost productivity
boost productivity
increased well-being
increased well-being
reduced stress & anxiety
reduced stress
increased energy levels
increased energy
positive collision
positive collision
optimised aspiration
optimised aspiration
rejuvenated senses
rejuvenated senses
greater positivity
greater positivity
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by design, our holistic environments are intended to balance one’s self

nothing we do is by chance

Everything is considered, and then re-considered. 

Science, member-centric values and smart application are at the heart of everything we do.

We have created a sensory and natural coworking experience like no other with boutique concierge style services that include office and IT support, business nurturing and guidance, angel investors. 


Travel and other convenient lifestyle benefits. Then there is free yoga, free massages, free learning, networking and knowledge sharing events. 

Our member programs are moulded around you, constantly evolving and considered for the long-term benefits they bring.

Everything is put in place with care and attention, to give you freedom to focus.


the ourspace.work community is built upon 6 fundamental values:
entrepreneurial spirit
entrepreneurial spirit
Our Space Benefits

Our Space is a shared office, business centre, incubator, community space, meeting point, dynamic hub, talent pool and more, it’s also a walk in the park.

We encourage wellness, openness, sharing, collaboration, opportunity and many other things that help the community thrive.

Members are free to engage at whatever level suits them; whether its knowledge sharing, collaborating on new opportunities, or simply sharing a glass of wine at one of the member meets.

It is the perfect habitat in which to grow.

the Our Space community is packed with member benefits, features and options to suit you

Whether you choose hotdesks or private spaces - wherever you sit, nature is always close at hand.

Our facespace booths are perfect for private conversations or screen-sharing.

Use our podspace for daily huddles or smaller meetings (4-6 people).

For when you want to impress, or present to the team, there are single and double sized meeting rooms, audio-visually equipped to a high standard, with built in conference call facilities and privacy blinds (up to 14 people).

Network in the zen-like communal areas with water features, living walls, and hanging vines - an especially productive kind of collision space.

  • super-fast broadband
  • onsite IT support
  • free scanning and printing
  • free yoga, massages and bike share
  • private phone number and answering service
  • mail handling and forwarding
  • unlimited tea, coffee, water and soft drinks
  • virtual pa services
  • optional private parking *
  • access to a global community
  • free promotion via the Our Space network
  • 24/7 access with thumbprint technology
  • guest passes for guests
  • * dependent on location

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